Iowa City Gateway Project – Public Input Meeting

The City of Iowa City is inviting the public to provide comments on the conceptual design for the Gateway Project at Dubuque Street and the Park Road bridge. This is an important opportunity to weigh in on a project that will have a significant impact on the river and community.

The Gateway Project’s proposed changes will dramatically alter the Iowa River corridor by elevating Dubuque Street and rebuilding the Park Road bridge, and public input is critical every step of the way. Iowa River Friends members have discussed the project with city officials and attended the City Council meeting where (thanks in part to public opinion) the Council decided unanimously to call for a proposal lower than the maximum considered.

More details on the proposed changes, including conceptual designs, are available on the Gateway Project website:

The public meeting will be held Tuesday, February 25, 4:00 – 7:00 pm (presentation at 5:30 pm) at the Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room A (123 South Linn Street).

We hope to have  a strong showing of Iowa River Friends to convey the importance of the river and its connection to the community.


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