Iowa River Picnic – 9/29/13

You’re Invited to ‘Take Back Our River’

Iowa River Friends will host a “family” picnic on Sunday, September 29th, from 12:30—4:30.  “Family” means all who are related to the Iowa River, which is really all of us.  It will be at pavilion 5 in Iowa City Park.  Bring your lawn chairs, picnic doings plus a dish to share.  The grills will be fired up.   You could also bring a fishing pole or a canoe/kayak.  The Family Music Machine will sing river songs.  There will be people with professional knowledge about how to better enjoy and care for our river and creeks.  And there will be extra added attractions to help us understand our “family” DNA.  Come on along!

Mel Schlachter, Chair of the Iowa River Friends, wrote an op-ed piece to spread the word about the event. To read the full piece, visit the Press Citizen:

Questions about the picnic or the Iowa River Friends? Contact Mel Schlachter at



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